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Care for Copper Jewellery

Bare Copper Jewellery 

When you receive copper jewellery from Dr. Beads, the piece has been initially polished and shined. However, with extended wear, the surfaces that are in direct contact with the skin will oxidise and  Once this occurs, it is surprisingly easy to care for copper jewelry just as it is for sterling silver or gold jewelry.

The best way to bring back luster to any piece of jewelry is use any of these acid based household products: Lemon or Lime Juice 

Then rinse and dry. The acids in these condiments act as a natural tarnish remover. Finish the cleaning by rubbing jewelry with a soft cloth or handkerchief.

Copper Bangle for Men

Click here to watch How to Shine Copper Bangle

Coated Copper Jewellery

This copper will not tarnish or discolor. You can just use soap and water to clean it. You can use it daily, however it is advised to remove it before sleeping to prevent accidental bending. Don't drop them to avoid accidental damage to the stone. 

Copper Accessories with Aquamarine

The best way to preserve copper jewelries are to keep them in a jewellery box or airtight bag while not using it.

When in doubt, take your jewelry to a professional.  At any point in time, you can mail any of my designs back to me for a free cleaning.

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