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Jewellery transforms. 

At Dr. Beads, our passion for accessories goes beyond style. At our best, we design and make things that connect to a past, present and future where women are supported in living their best lives.

Dr. Beads jewelry is a personalised hand-crafted collection with one-of-a kind pieces and meaningful accessories curated with every woman in mind. We amplify our craft by putting luxury, story, statement and symbolism into every design. Whether classic or contemporary, each piece is unique, meticulously handcrafted, made from top-quality materials, and designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd.

Meet the Jewelry Artist

DR. NALINI VELAITHAM A Medical Doctor turned Jewelry Designer

I’m proud to say it was the right choice. It’s been a lot of hard work, persistence and hustle but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started making jewelry during a challenging time that coincided with an awakened interest in personal growth.

In 2018, when the artist inside me was looking for something more, I started disassembling jewelry that I owned so I could create something new. 

Within a few months I decided it was time for me to create my first collection and officially put together a shoot so that I could take the next step and start selling online.  I can tell you, it didn’t happen overnight but the journey was worth it.

It was SO exhilarating and therapeutic. The best part was that I would immediately see my creation. I loved that. I was happiest when making jewelry and I loved the feeling of finding someone the perfect piece! Seeing a clients face light up is priceless.

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My inspiration comes from many things. Traveling, architecture, people, cities, shapes, and so much more. I’m inspired by how those things make me feel. I love looking at art from the past with a special eye on the shapes that are used and how I could make it into a new piece.

I only hand assemble every piece that I make and it is SO rewarding and special knowing that my hands touch every single jewel that goes to my clients. Quality is also something I am adamant about and stand behind. I offer a 1 year free repair policy to all my clients.

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I would love to stay in touch with you through our social media.  I strive to inspire you to create a beautiful life with our jewelry and in many other ways.

Instagram is where I post almost daily @dr.beads 

At Dr. Beads, it is beyond just buying jewelry. I want to inspire you to live and create a beautiful life. I know how big of a change one piece of jewelry or one inspiring style can make. It can completely change your outlook on your day and put that pep back in your step. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and what Dr. Beads is all about.

Thanks for reading and for all your support. 💛 

So, browse our site. Whether you’re looking for that perfect personalised gift or a unique collection for yourself, I hope you are surprised and delighted with what you find.


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